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Firearms Training in Columbus, OH

Firearms Training Course in Columbus, OH
Firearms Training Class in Columbus, OH
Concealed Carry Class in Columbus, OH

Learn how to properly handle and shoot a weapon with firearms training in Columbus, OH, from the expert instructors at Anchor Training Institute. Our firearms training school offers a range of courses for beginners and an advanced firearm training class for those students who are more familiar with firearm techniques.

Specialized ATI courses for those seeking security career training are also available. All of our courses are taught by NRA-certified instructors and NRA range safety officers. Three of our instructors are also certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC) and teach our OPOTC-specific courses. The courses are taught in our fully-insured OPOTC-certified classroom and shooting range.

Specialty Training

Currently, we offer three courses certified by the OPOTC. These include the firearms training course, the re-qualification course, and the basic shotgun-certification course. ATI also provides a concealed weapons training course, an NRA basic pistol course, an oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray) course, and a handcuffing course.

More Courses Coming

Please contact us for information about these courses. In the future, we will be offering a semiautomatic patrol rifle course, an expendable/straight baton course, a self-defense course, and a Taser course.

 Take advantage of our combined 50 years of experience in firearms training and enroll for expert instruction today. Our hands-on approach will help you learn everything you need to know about firearm use under every imaginable circumstance, whether to defend yourself or to defend others.

Personalized Training with Each Session

Enrolling in one of our specialized firearms training courses is one of the best ways you can strengthen your skills as a marksman, while also learning self-defense, weapon mastery, and situational awareness. We understand that no matter what your level of expertise, it’s our responsibility as licensed instructors to teach you how to use your firearms properly and also to teach you the laws and regulations surrounding safe and ethical firearm use. We will provide you with personalized training to ensure that you come away with a full understanding of how to use your weapon effectively.

The Best Training

Whether this is your first concealed weapons training class or you’re a seasoned shooter looking for an OPOTC re-qualification class to renew your license, we’re prepared to handle your unique needs. Whatever you choose, when you sign yourself up for one of our firearms training courses, you can have the utmost confidence that you’ll learn from some of the most talented and qualified instructors statewide.

Contact our training facility to browse our selection of firearms training classes. We’re located in Columbus, OH, and proudly serve students statewide.

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